A record of my efforts to live a more sustainable life.

A note on some things in my plastic lists

Toilet paper wrappers:
I have convinced my mom to stop buying the toilet paper that is individually wrapped in plastic. However, we have a lot of it. So that's why it's still there. Also, the reason there's so much is because I live in a house with 3 other people, and we all use the same toilet paper roll, so I can't really separate it into "my toilet paper rolls" and the rest. In any case, hopefully they'll be gone soon!

Windows with envelopes:
I set up online banking, and now pay my Visa bills online. However, they still send me bills in the mail, and I'm not really sure how to stop that. So let me know if you know.

Diary Queen spoons:
At the end of this week, you will see a Dairy Queen spoon in my tally. And it may happen again during the summer. Just so you know, I ask for no spoon, because I bring my own from home. It's just that fast food type people aren't used to not giving away maximum garbage, so sometimes they forget by the time they actually give me my food. Ah well. So far it's been about 50/50, so they're doing alright.


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