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A Lemon-Powered Clock

It's discoveries like this that make writing this blog fun. I was at Chapters, browsing through their ever-changing collection of amusing knick-knacks, when I found this little gem. It is a clock, and it runs on water and lemon juice. In other words, it's a kid's science project, but fancier looking. Yet it's somehow so exciting! I needed a clock for my room, and while I would have preferred one with an alarm in it, I couldn't resist a clock that doesn't take up one of my much-in-demand plugs, and also doesn't need batteries.

Wikipedia can tell you more about lemon batteries, if you're interested.

For this clock to work, you just fill it up mostly with water, plus a couple splashes of lemon juice (it says "fresh," but I used some from a bottle and it works fine), set the time, and you're good to go.

It won't be saving the world any time soon, but if you live in an area where your electricity comes from, say, coal, every little bit you can save helps.


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