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Our Oceans Are In Trouble

I'm worried about the oceans. I'm very worried about the hugely diverse ecosystems in the oceans, which are becoming steadily less diverse as a result of human activity.

Change.org posted an article today called Early End to Bluefin Tuna Season Illustrates Fish's Precarious Survival.To summarise, basically we're eating an endangered species. Why are we not freaking out about this? Are tuna sandwiches really more important to us than the survival of the tuna themselves?

The usual suggestions in response to this problem are to eat more sustainable seafood. In other words, eat fish that aren't endangered, and that are lower on the food chain so they don't contain a lot of mercury.

I'm going to suggest a rather more enthusiastic approach. Let's not eat fish!

Now, before anyone becomes enraged by that suggestion and starts talking about people in northern Canada and whatnot, let me finish. I don't know what it's like to live in northern Canada. Therefore I don't feel I have enough knowledge to say that they should stop eating fish. However, most of us definitely don't need to eat fish.

Love sushi? Me too! And I'm a vegetarian! Vegetarian sushi is very very delicious. Seaweed and sticky rice wrapped around mushrooms, asparagus, green peppers, and any number of other vegetables (even some fruit!) is one of my favourite foods. And it doesn't result in any overfishing!

When I went vegetarian, I never thought I'd be able to stay away from shrimp. As it turns out, it's a small price to pay to know that I'm not playing a part in the extinction of marine species.


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