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3 Websites Where You Should Click Each Day

There are a lot of sites out there now where you can generate donations to various charities just by clicking a button. I think this is a really neat concept. Basically, this is how it works: You click a button. You are shown advertisements on the thank you page. The advertisers pay for this advertising by giving money to a charity. Yay!

Here are 3 sites that I visit every day to contribute my clicks:
  • A Click For the Forest
    • A Swedish organisation that raises money to buy old growth forests, to protect them from logging.
    • You can usually get there through the easier-to-remember link http://www.aclickfortheforest.com, but every now and then the redirect is broken so it's good to have the actual url.
  • The Rainforest Site
    • Click to protect rainforests. Through the tabs at the top of the page, you can get to the other free click pages to fight hunger, fund breast cancer research, promote child health, support literacy programs, and rescue animals.
  • Care2 Click To Donate
    • Care2 is an online community of people who care about various causes. It includes a news network, petitions, groups, and even webmail.
    • You can click here for 11 causes and counting, including big cats, oceans, rainforests, and more. There is also a daily action, which might be a petition, or just an article for you to read.
These are my three favourites, but there are many more sites out there where you can give a few seconds of your time to raise money for charities. All you have to do is look for them. So, go on, and get clicking! And I hope to see you around on Care2.


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