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Show Us Your Plastic Challenge - August 1 - August 7, 2010

Recyclable Items (0) (Well that's a first...)

Non-Recyclable Items (13):
  • 1 bread bag
  • 1 microwave popcorn wrapper
  • 1 cheese slice wrapper
  • 2 drink carton seals
  • 4 size stickers from clothing
  • 1 Styrofoam plate
  • 1 Styrofoam bowl
  • 1 fudge bar wrapper
  • 1 cereal bag

Total Items: 13

  • The only items on the list that are a result of my vacation are the size stickers (did I mention this is the shopping kind of vacation?).
  • The Styrofoam plate and bowl are from Folklorama, which I love, but which I realised this year is really really bad with the plastic! I did manage to avoid the plastic cutlery, at least, by bringing my own from home.


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