A record of my efforts to live a more sustainable life.

Show Us Your Plastic Challenge - July 18 - July 24, 2010

Recyclable Items (3):
  • 1 chocolate ice cream tub (HDPE 2)
  • 1 envelope with window
  • 1 soap box with plastic window (I actually bought this in France 4 years ago and am finally using it.)

Non-Recyclable Items (9):
  • 1 bag from grapes
  • 1 bread bag
  • 1 cereal bag
  • 1 veggie ground round package
  • 1 soft tortilla bag
  • 1 yeast envelope (I need to find a store that sells yeast in larger quantities.)
  • 1 Taco Bell mild sauce packet (I need to find a sauce this delicious that comes in a jar.)
  • 1 mint wrapper
  • 1 pre-paid cell phone minutes card wrapped in plastic (MTS just changed to this from a printed out piece of paper. I am not impressed. I will be complaining, and figuring out how to switch to buying minutes online.)

Total Items: 12 (The week started out so well, and then the last few days suddenly ruined it. Darn.)


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