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U.S. Climate Bill Dies

The United States isn't going to have climate legislation any time soon. So much for Obama and his lofty promises of all kinds of nice things.

Well, this brings up a useful point, anyway. Yes, legislation is important. It is a necessary part of our efforts to fight climate change and pollution. World governments need to be in on this.

But we can't wait for them.

Legislation is slow. That is being constantly demonstrated to us. Each of us can make change now. Don't want another oil spill? Stop driving a car and cut way back on disposable plastic. Each one of us that makes these efforts decreases the amount of oil that needs to be drilled in the first place. These are the changes that add up. These are the changes that are necessary if we want to end our dependence on oil.

We are facing some huge, scary problems. They can't be solved by any one approach alone. We have to come at them from every angle. That includes legislation. But most importantly, it includes each of us.


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