A record of my efforts to live a more sustainable life.

A belated introduction

I probably should have started with an introduction. Instead, I started with a post about my new straw, because I was excited about it, and now I feel like it came out like an advertisement. So forgive me if it did, because that is definitely not the purpose of this blog.

So, an introduction. My name is Lianne Lavoie. I'm a computer science student at the University of Manitoba. I play the piano, dance, and collect books. I discover new interests too quickly to ever get far in any of them, so I'd say I know a little bit about a lot of things. And, perhaps most importantly from your point of view, I'm worried about the planet and the creatures on it, and try to do what I can to help the situation.

Some of my efforts thus far: I'm a vegetarian. I ride my bike when I can, and ride the bus when I can't (and by can't, I mean it's cold out and I don't do cold well). I'm always trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle more. Well, recycling is easy. It's mostly the reducing I'm working on.

On that note, I'm currently doing the Show Us Your (Plastic) Trash Challenge on Fake Plastic Fish. (By the way, that site is pretty cool and you should check it out.) For the challenge, each week I keep all the plastic I would otherwise have thrown away or recycled, and at the end of the week I take a picture of it all, count it, and analyse it in terms of what plastic I could stop using or use less of. I'll start posting those analyses here soon as well.

So that's about all I've got to say about me for the moment. More to come soon, as my effort in green continues!


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