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Glass Dharma straws

I figured I'd start this blog off with an accomplishment of sorts. When I got home from work today, there was a package waiting for me, and it contained my Glass Dharma straw!

Glass Dharma makes glass straws. And they're guaranteed for life against breakage. So now I can go to Booster Juice (as well as my rare meal in a food court) without using a piece of plastic that will be used once and thrown away. So yay! I also got a bamboo case for my straw, so I can just throw it in my backpack when I'm going to school or work and always have it handy.

I got the extra long straw, because Booster Juice cups are pretty big, but there are quite a few to choose from, like the decorative dots straws in the picture.

Alternatively, you could just not use straws. I've always thought they were kind of a waste. I love Booster Juice, though, and that would be hard to drink without a straw.

Next step: Remember to tell people in restaurants not to give you a straw with your water or other beverage. This could be tough since they're brought right away in some places. If it's wrapped, though, surely they could just take it back and give it to someone else, right?


... It's The Journey said...

I wish they would take me seriously when I say, "no straw, thank you", but often I am provide with the straw anyway. If it's wrapped, I do ask them to take it back.
TOWO ( takeoutwithout.com) takes the idea a step farther and suggests we reconsider take out in any "disposable" containers. Their site gives ideas on how to take our own containers to "take out" with.

I spoke with someone in her 50s that told me about fundraisers years ago that provided the meal in, and take out wss an option if you brought your own container. Why could we not go back to that idea?

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